Victims of their own brilliance: The cliché epitaph that is, was…will be? Whatever the case, “victims” is true, at least. “Brilliance” is where things get fuzzy.


Director Shilind Wheaton’s original production Where are the Walls focuses on the struggle to recognize the dehumanizing semi-existence that is life in a tech-obsessed society, and what needs to be done to ensure that the light of a generation is not set to auto-dim.

Don't miss the premier of this original play opening at the Fringe Festival in

Edinburgh, Scotland-

August 2 @ 11:25am- 2019

August 3 @ 5:25pm- 2019

August 5 @ 9:25am- 2019

August 6 @ 1:25pm- 2019

Where are the Walls?

Written by
Carl Printer and Shilind Wheaton 
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