We have been invited and accepted to perform at the world’s largest performing arts festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The American High School Theatre Festival selected our program, out of hundreds who applied, to take our talented students to perform on an international stage! Many of the artists come from Murrieta Valley and are community members.


The American High School Theatre Festival Board of Advisors, made up of theatre and college professionals from across the country reviews all submitted applications and portfolio materials and ranks them based on clear program objectives prioritizing a professional standard in curriculum, instruction, content of show selections and script work.  Finally, the board looks for a demonstrated stated priority of collaboration with school community and their local/regional community as a whole. We are honored to be one of the few programs across the world to be chosen.


In August of 2019 our artists will embark on the performance opportunity of a lifetime.  Accomplishing this international production will not only give our students valuable skills as performers, technicians and marketers, but is will help develop a deeper understanding of the arts and the vital role the arts play in education and in our world. The team will produce an original play Where are the Walls? incorporating American Sign Language, British Sign, and tactile props to help audiences of all abilities and cultures enjoy the production equally.

Sensing the Arts is changing the way you view theater.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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